Board of Governors

Name   Responsibility
Sara Willis

Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)

Governor Responsible for SEND, Pupil Premium

SDP 1 - Team

SDP 3 - Children's Wellbeing

SDP 4 - Vulnerable Leaders

SDP 7 - Parental Engagement

Paul Marquis Vice Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)

Chair Finance Resources Committee

PE Funding

Joe Rayment Local Authority Governor  
Gerry Curran Co-opted Governor  
Ann Thurgood Co-opted Governor

Attendance, Behaviour & Safeguarding Governor

SDP 2ph - Phonics

Damien Sawyer Parent Governor

Chair of Standards and Outcomes Committee

SDP 5 - Curriculum

Rachel Fletcher Parent Governor SDP 8 - Mathematics
Rhiannon Sheerman Parent Governor SDP 2 - Reading and Writing
George Samios Ex-officio (Headteacher)  
Kath Patterson  Staff Governor (Deputy Headteacher)  
Alison Fry Co-opoted Governor (Support Staff Governor)  

Please read more about the role of our Parent Governors: Rachel, Damien and Rhiannon.