British Values

Throughout the school we promote the following values that we believe to be central to life in modern Britain:

Value School Provision
Democracy The School Council (CAT Team) that has two representatives from each class. These children are voted in at the start of each academic year. The CAT Team stands for the Community Action in Twerton Team and it meets 12 times in the year ot help to improve the school (see webpage).

Rule of Law

We have 5 Golden Rules across the whole school and each class discusses and agrees their own Class Rules at the start of the year. These are displayed prominanty in the school and regularly referred to.

Our Behaviour Policy is used consistently throughout the school.

The local police officer, PC Adrian Secker, visits school regularly to take part in our Assemblies. 

Individual Liberty We encourage children to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their actions. We treat children as individuals and strive to meet their particular needs. Our curriculum includes regular opportunities for children to ask questions and pursue their own interests. Pupil Voice and Child Initiated Enquiry are part of the School's DNA.
Mutual Respect We are an INCLUSIVE SCHOOL and we promote respect throughout our curriculum, polcies and practice. We celebrate the acheivements of children in our own community through twice termly Sharing Assemblies and Class Assemblies. We use Emotion Coaching to develop children's Emotional Intelligence and to restore relationships along with Vital Relational Functions (Thrive Approach).
Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs Our RE Curriculum enables children to explore the beliefs held by different members of our communities in multi-cultural Britain.