Pupil Premium Grant 2013-14

 In 2013/2014 we received  £953.00 for each eligible child which made a total of £66,600.00 to provide additional support. We use Pupil Premium Funds funds in the following ways:

We make use the Pupil Premium Grant to more effectively meet the needs of all eligible children. Often the additional provision is specifically targeted to individual children but we also try to think creatively too to allow other children to gain some benefit that might not otherwise be possible. Sometimes the best nurturing and learning for our children can take place within the context of group and whole class activities.

Here are just a few of the things we have done in the past months (in no particular order):

  -   Football Nurture Group for Nursery children – with Bristol City coach
  -   Speech & Language Nurture Groups – with input from SLIP Service
  -   Ready Steady Play – 6 week programme for parents and children prior to joining the Nursery
  -   Trips to local market and creative food work in the Nursery
  -   Funding for additional sessions for children in Nursery
  -   Funding to attend after-school clubs (football, dance, rugby)
  -   Funding for pupils to go on school trips
  -   5x5x5 projects across the school to raise engagement of pupils
  -   Parent and Child workshops – e.g. Bushcraft for Lads and Dads
  -   Support for parents to develop strategies to help children learn at home through working with TAs.
  -   TA focussed teaching in curriculum time, both 1:1 precision teaching and small group support.
  -   Purchase and training in use of Rapid Phonics intervention programme across the school.
  -   Subscriptions to Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Bug Club.
  -   Close links with the Egg Theatre. Year 1 theatre trips and Year 2 Nativity.
  -   Bath Area Play Project (BAPP) -  Nurture Group in Year 1
  -   BAPP Play Rangers working with Year 1 classes in curriculum time.
  -   Introduction of PlayPods and on-going subscription to Scrap Store.
  -   Use of Trauma Recovery Centre, co-ordinating 10 week play therapy programmes.
  -   KS1 bookings of the sensory room at Southside.
  -   Additional Transition Support in Year 2 for preparation for move to Junior Schools.
  -   Nurture Groups throughout the school. 
  -   CPD for Staff in Emotion Coaching and Attachment Awareness

This additional support has been very effective in closing the gap in attainment. The children in receipt pupil premium on average reached the same level of attainment in their tests at the end of Year 2 in July 2014 as the other children.

Obviously not all children achieved the same level of progress. This is true of all children in our school. The table below gives the percentages of children who recieved Pupil Premium funding who matched the challenging progress targets which we set at the start of the year.


Year 1 Challenge

4 points progress

October to July

Year 2 Challenge

6 points progress

September to July


13 out of 23 children


16 out of 29 children



12 out of 23 children


19 out of 29 children



9 out of 23 children


21 out of 29 children


 We will continue to use Pupil Premium funding to support eligible children with the aim of them all meeting our challenging annual targets.

This year the amount per child has increased to £1,300 and we will recieve a total of £102,000 to use for additional support.

We will continue with our successful strategies as listed above and in addition we will:

- Provide additional support groups in Mathematics in Key Stage 1

- Provide additional small group work for Mathematics in Early Years

- Provide intensive 6 week support groups targeting children's individual needs