School Improvement Priorities


We are a school that is on an exciting journey and we are committed to being an Oustanding School.

We have a Five Year Strategic Plan that gives direction to the school leadership team and all stakeholders.

Our School Development Plan for 2017-18 has 8 Key Strategies to build on our strengths and address the current priority areas for development identified in our Self-Evaluation Form (last updated: January 2018).

School Development Action Plans

SDP1 - Outstanding Team

SDP2 - Outstanding Outcomes in English

SDP2ph - Outstanding Outcomes in Phonics 

SDP3 - Develop Children's Wellbeing

SDP4 - Maximising Progress for Vulnerable Leaders & Inclusion

SDP5 - An Outstanding Curriculum

SDP6 - Quality First Teaching

SDP7 - Increase Parental Engagement

SDP8 - Deepening Learning in Mathematics