ELLI - Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory

There are seven animals that help us to be aware of the different ways that we think and learn. We call these seven animals the ELLI Animals.

Tortoise likes a challenge and will have a go even when somethings is tricky. Tortoise knows that learning is sometimes hard for everyone and it is OK to make mistakes. Tortoise keeps going and never ever ever ever ever gives up.
Busy Bees work together as a team. They can get a lot more done when they help each other. Bees like to learn from other people and with them too.
Chamelion can change and adapt to any situation. Chamelion enjoys trying things for the first time and likes to do things better all the time.
Spider makes sense of what he knows by making connections when one thing is linked to another thing. This helps learning something new. Spider likes to see how things fit together.
Curious Cat likes to find things out, to get to the bottom of things and find out what is really going on. Cat likes to ask the question WHY?
Wise Owl can soar high above any situation and see the best route that avoids problems ahead. Wise Owl can see the bigger picture and avoids gettign stuck in the detail.
Unicorn is playful and uses the magic of creativity to see things in different ways.