Year Two

Twerton Infant School Year 2Twerton Infant School Year 2Twerton Infant School Year 2
Curriculum in Year 2 | Latest News in Year 2

As children progress through Year 2, they become more independent in their learning. Through investigation and exploration in all subjects, children make new discoveries for themselves. Children read lots of books about many different subjects. They write imaginative stories, poems and informative reports. In maths children work with higher numbers, using problem solving skills. They try to spot patterns and use these to make further discoveries. We make use of the computer suite, cameras, laptops and interactive whiteboards to help with our learning across the curriculum. We encourage children to work together and listen to each other's opinions. We use outdoor spaces for broader learning.

Year 2 children take the lead in the school Christmas production, partnering with the Egg Theatre in the city. Singing and performing to an audience are real favourites with the children at Twerton Infants!