Clothes Recycling Compeition - May & June 2016

We are taking part in a competition to encourage us to recycle more of our old clothes. Please can you send in any unwanted clothes, belts, shoes and bags (adult and child) for collection at school on the following days.

  • Thursday 26th May 2016
  • Tuesday 7th June 2016
  • Tuesday 28th June 2016

The school will get £400 for every 1,000kg that we collect. The old clothes will be sorted for distribution to developing countries so that they can buy affordable clothes. It also means that we are not filling up our bins and landfill sites. It's win-win-win-win-win!

We don't have lots of space for storage, so please only bring in the clothes you have gathered on the day before our collection.

See below for more information:

Thanks for your help with this.


Recycling Bin Competition

We are trying to find ways to recyclce more of the things that we throw out. We had a competition in school to design (and make) the best recycling bin.

Each class was given an old green bin that was salvaged from the Riverside Offices in Keynesham. Everyone wanted to win the competition so the classes came up with some brilliant designs!

The CAT Team with all the bins.


Nursery's Bin - Robot Recycler


Class 1's bin - good use of old newspapers for the lettering....


Class 2's bin - be a Superhero, Recycle and Save the Planet!


Class 3's bin - one for the intellectuals...


Class 4's - lend a hand....let's recycle!


Class 5's bin - an upcycled masterpiece...


Class 6 - Slam Dunk your Junk! Get busy.....i'n' it!