Gooseberry Planet

Technology is ever changing and the on-line opportunities that are available today were not imaginable only a short time ago. It is hard to believe that Facebook only began in 2004; Twitter in 2006 and BBC iPlayer in 2007. Microsoft Hotmail was launched in 1996, Gmail in 2004 and Google in 1998. Social media and mobile communication are now such an integral part of many of our lives.

Along with the many benefits of these technologies, there are also several risks that children face including: cyberbullying, being targeted by strangers, invasion of privacy, identity theft, viewing inappropriate material and risks associated with gaming online.As parents, it is vitally important that we understand these risks and that we are able to talk with our children to help them to learn to stay safe from harm.

To do this, we provide every child in Year 1 and Year 2 with their own account for a new online game called, Gooseberry Planet.  The game has been designed with young children in mind and covers the following topics: People Online, Selfies, Webcams and Live Streaming, Online Gaming, Online Bullying, Purchasing and downloading Apps, Passwords, Sharing Photos, Sharing Information and Personal Information

The idea is that children and parents sit together to play the game. Parents may need to read the questions for less confident readers and this will give a way in for parents to talk with their children about the risks and important ways to stay safe. Each game should take roughly 10 minutes and the conversations that will then take place through the process should prove helpful to children and parents.

If you need any help using Gooseberry Planet with your child(ren), please ask Mr Samios, or your child's teacher.